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Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Students who are accepted into kindergarten at St. Brendan School begin an exciting journey of discovery where the joy of learning is fostered, new talents and skills are nurtured, and the sense of belonging to a spiritual community is established. We strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum where children truly develop their spirit, heart, mind and body.


The primary grades are dedicated to giving our students the tools necessary to create lifelong learners. Students master basic skills and learn to read, write and speak effectively. Our advanced math program encourages students to think analytically, and we integrate technology to enhance the learning experience.


Students in the primary grades begin to understand the importance of sharing the Gospel spirit with others. They are encouraged to respond to global and community needs through acts of service. Respect for others and diversity begins in the primary grades and is intrinsic to the culture of St. Brendan School.

Click on the buttons below for details on the Curriculum for each Grade:

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