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Parent Teacher Board

Every parent at St. Brendan School is a member of the Parent Club.  This is an organization whose purpose is to maintain strong relationships among the parent community and assist the Principal and faculty with necessities and extras that enhance the overall educational experience for the children.  Operating within the Club, there is an overseeing Parent Teacher Board.  The Board serves to make certain that these activities and procedures are conceived and executed successfully. 

Parent Teacher Board committees not only fundraise with annual events such as the Christmas Craft Fair, the Spring Fling and the Fun Run, but also host community-building events like Movie Night, Bingo Night and an End of Year Party. Additionally, committees help run the day-to-day school programs such as the hot lunch program, playground supervision and car line duty to name a few.


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2023-2024 Executive Board

President: Betsy Cooper

Vice President: Nicola Butler

Past President: Carly Allevato

Treasurer: Aurelia Boyle 

Communications: Christina Fiedler 

2023-2024 Parent Teacher Board Standing Committees

  • Athletics: Carly Allevato & Sabrina Kim

  • Booster Club: Jeff Cooper

  • Christmas Craft Fair: Katrina Sy-Uy

  • Community Events: Caroline Chiles & Katherine Leist

  • Community Service: Elisha Hall

  • Extra Curricular Activities: Yoomi Cho & Narae Kang

  • Family Pledge: Janice Prior

  • Graphic Design & Marketing: Martina Nemoianu

  • Head Room Parent (TK-4): Claudia Franck

  • Head Room Parent (5-8): Rinat Vargas

  • Health: Jaii Chung

  • Hospitality: Anna Aronis & Tisha Castillo

  • Hot Diggity Dog: Johnny DeRosas & Lisa Im

  • Hot Lunch: Tiffany Choi & Jin Hyun 

  • Larchmont Fair: Sara Chon

  • Library/Book Fair: Kathy Styffe

  • Merchandise: Mariana Kang & Karen Moon

  • Scouts: Carolyn Huybrechs

  • Social Media: Lorena Vasquez

  • Special Fundraisers: Gabrielle Anderson & Sarah O'Reilly

  • Special Lunches: Sarah Klein & Jacqueline Miron

  • Spring Fundraiser: Megan Bainbridge & Anne Wilner

  • Traffic Safety/Car-Line: Lawrence Kim & Chris Montante

  • Used Uniforms: Maria Chomko & Isabelle Abdelshehid

  • Wish List Party: Michelle Kim & Beatriz Neira

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