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Student Council

In the spring, students in 4th through 7th grades elect leaders from 5th through 8th grades as "commissioners" to serve on student council.  


  1. Qualified students must have a "B" average in behavior and work habits.

  2. Qualified students running for the office of President must have maintained honor roll status throughout the 7th grade with the expectation that he/she remain an honor roll student the entirety of the 8th grade.

  3. Qualified candidates for all other offices must maintain a minimum of merit roll status.

  4. Each student council member’s performance in the classroom is ultimately evaluated by the principal and any council member can be suspended for not maintaining high academic and/or moral standards in the classroom.


Student Council members organize activities and events throughout the school year fostering unity, charity, and spirit among our student body.  Student Council activities include the Penny War, Crazy Day, Nick’s Favorite Lunch, Catholic Schools Week, the Talent Show , and weekly assemblies. Student council members lead and inspire the student body of St. Brendan School.

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