Campus Reopening Plan 2020-2021

St. Brendan School's Distance Learning mission is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum that promotes relationships among peers and teachers, while adhering to the guidelines and restrictions placed by the California Department of Education, the California Department of Public Health, and the Department of Catholic Schools . 


While Distance Learning does not replicate onsite learning, teachers can deliver powerful instruction based on a robust curriculum that allows students to meet expected grade-level standards in an online environment aligned with our Catholic schools' mission. 


St. Brendan School has developed distance learning instructional schedules that take into consideration our Distance Learning Program goal which is to have students complete their assignments with the teachers during Zoom classes and become independent learners. We do not expect parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts and as such we have developed distance learning instructional schedules that consider the traditional school schedule, developmental age, and teacher-led lessons and assignments.


St. Brendan School plans to return to in-person instruction in the safest way possible using a Hybrid/Hyflex model.  St. Brendan School follows guidance from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California Department of Education, and the Los Angeles County Health Department. Students and families who do not wish to return to in-person instruction at this time will still be able to participate in Distance Learning. 


We believe the benefits of in-person schooling support our students' social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic development. We also understand the situation can change daily and we will continue to monitor and make necessary adjustments for all students and our families' safety and well-being.

For further details on St. Brendan School's reopening guidelines and protocols, see the following documents: