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Theresa Batyko

2nd Grade Aide

Theresa Batyko started her journey at St. Brendan in 1996, when she enrolled her first child in the kindergarten class.  All three of her children attended St. Brendan.  She has been a part of the community for over 20 years.  Theresa is currently the 2nd grade Aide.


Theresa grew up in Idaho and is a graduate of Idaho State University.  She has been living in California for the last 39 years.  As a stay at home mother, Theresa felt a connection to teaching; having taught her kids at home, she wanted to share that joy in the classroom.


Theresa loves spending time with her friends and family.  You can find her in her Dodger blue cheering on the Dodgers, and yelling at those USC football players!

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