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Stacy Herman

TK - 4th Grade Vice Principal
Kindergarten Teacher

Stacy Herman has lived in St. Brendan parish for more than 35 years. She joined the school initially as a parent and helped out as a substitute teacher when her children were young. Stacy served as the 4th grade teacher, beginning in 1996, for seven years before her dream job in kindergarten became available. 


​Stacy graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in English Literature. She holds a Language Arts Specialist credential as well as an Early Childhood Education credential. Stacy has taught preschool, high school Language Arts, middle school English, 4th grade, and, of course, kindergarten.

Stacy believes that kindergarten should be the place where children develop a lifelong love of learning, and a safe place to explore and make mistakes. “Learning is not a race for information. It is a walk of discovery!”

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