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Pauline Roxas

Administrative Assistant

Adventure is Mrs. Roxas’ middle name. After finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Pauline started working in Japan as a Catholic lay missionary. She was able to learn Japanese within six months and became a part of NHK (Japanese government-owned public broadcaster) educational program, teaching Japanese to foreigners on TV. As a missionary, she was assigned to start-up development projects in countries like Russia, Nepal, and East Timor. Her adventures and misadventures during her mission prompted her to pursue her Master of Science in Development Management at American University in Washington, DC.

In 2006, Pauline moved to Los Angeles and continued working in non-profit organizations. She volunteered at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, helping out their Outreach Center, feeding the homeless, doing home visits, and raising funds. Pauline and her husband, Joseph, met and married at the Cathedral, where they continue to be involved with marriage preparation as members of the CCC, Cathedral Couples in Christ. 

​In 2021, Pauline joined the St. Brendan School community. Working in a school setting was a first for Pauline. She  believes that life is not about the destination but the journey. She loves getting to know the students and their parents and being part of the St. Brendan School community.  Outside of school, Pauline loves food, wine, Disneyland, and traveling!

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