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Michelle East

5th - 8th Grade Vice Principal,
8th Grade Teacher, 6th - 8th Grade Science Teacher

Born and raised in northern California, Michelle East moved to Los Angeles after graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in the performing arts.  Michelle’s St. Brendan career began when her oldest daughter entered SBS in the 2nd grade.  Michelle credits Kathy Vogl as her teaching inspiration.  “Mrs. Vogl was an amazing influence on my professional life.  Working in Mrs. Vogl’s ‘stations’ exposed me to the eager, fun, and creative world of an elementary school classroom.”


Michelle has been the 5th grade teacher, 7th grade teacher, the middle school Language Arts teacher, and now serves as the middle school science teacher and 8th grade teacher.  Michelle especially loves teaching science as she knows it lends itself to nurturing critical and analytical thinking. Michelle also serves as Vice Principal for 5th to 8th grade which gives her the opportunity to serve in an administrative capacity while maintaining her place in the classroom.


Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, drawing, dancing, creating, and dissecting anything!   If you ask Michelle what she teaches, she will respond, “I teach children.”

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