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Elsa Aguilar-Rogers

Spanish Teacher

Profesora Elsa Aguilar-Rogers was born and educated in Mexico, earning a degree from UNIVER University in Guadalajara, México.  Elsa continues her education, pursuing a masters and a doctorate degree. 

​Elsa has diverse experiences working in education, including teaching, tutoring, and administrative duties. 

Along with her teaching duties at St. Brendan School, Elsa continues as an online teacher at IEU Online University in Puebla, and as a teacher  for the  program  Only 9 Topics to Learn Spanish™, which she developed.  Elsa is also the assistant to the HOLA ESPAÑOL program that is taught in several schools.

Married in 2012, she and her husband live in Los Angeles.  Her hobbies are going to the gym, Zumba, and traveling.  Since becoming a mother, she has discovered that her favorite hobby is being a mother.

“Being a teacher is a unique experience because you get to be a part of their education, and I believe this is the way in which one can leave a good mark on the world.”

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