Tuition & Fees 2021-2022

All families are required to enroll with FACTS Management Company for their tuition payments, which can be paid by automatic withdrawal, on-line payments or by check with a monthly invoice. Families will receive an online invitation to enroll in FACTS in July and must be enrolled by August 15, before the start of the school year. Tuition payment plans may be scheduled on a ten-month basis (September – June) or one full scheduled payment, due September 2021. 

A parishioner is a registered family who is a regular contributor to the parish in time, talent and treasure.  This is determined by weekly attendance and regular financial support to St. Brendan Church.  Parishioner status is evaluated on a semester basis at the discretion of the Pastor.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, tuition rates have remained the same since 2019-2021.

Parishioner Rates

  • One Child: $658 + $25 (Facility Fee) = $683 per month

  • Two Children: $1,185 + $50 (Facility Fee) = $1,235 per month

  • Three Children+: $1,678+ $75 (Facility Fee) = $1,753 per month

Non-Parishioner Rates

  • One Child: $855 + $25 (Facility Fee) = $880 per month

  • Two Children: $1,551 + $50 (Facility Fee) = $1,601 per month

  • Three Children+: $2,181 + $75 (Facility Fee) = $2,256 per month

Other Fees

  • Curriculum Fee: $450/student

  • Parent Club Dues: $100/family

  • Family Pledge (mandatory): minimum $500/family

  • Fee for Application to another School prior to 8th Grade: $50/per school to which the student is applying