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Kelly Rielly

Vice Principal, 6th - 8th Grade Honors Math Teacher

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kelly Rielly attended Cathedral Chapel School, Marlborough School, and Stanford University.  In 2007, Kelly managed to balance raising four young children with returning to school. She received her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University in 2010. “I have always preached the value of education to my kids, so going back to school felt natural to me. “


In 2009, Kelly happily landed at St. Brendan School, where her four children attended. “Over the years, I have taught in many different schools, and it is truly an honor to teach at a school that is constantly evolving, and striving for excellence."  Mrs. Rielly teaches middle school honors math. “I can honestly say that I am happy when I arrive on campus every morning!  There is hardly a dull moment; and never a day that my students don’t make me laugh at their shenanigans”.


When Kelly is not teaching, she loves being active outdoors. You might find her swimming in the ocean or with her master’s team, hiking, skiing, and occasionally playing a little golf.  Kelly’s greatest happiness is her family; Rick, Patrick, Mary, Josephine, Lizzie, and her two mischievous pups Charlie and Muddy.

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