Campus Reopening 2020-2021

St. Brendan School's Distance Learning mission is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum that promotes relationships among peers and teachers, while adhering to the guidelines and restrictions placed by the California Department of Education, the California Department of Public Health, and the Department of Catholic Schools . 



Distance Learning


While Distance Learning does not replicate onsite learning, teachers can deliver powerful instruction based on a robust curriculum that allows students to meet expected grade-level standards in an online environment aligned with our Catholic schools' mission. 


St. Brendan School has developed distance learning instructional schedules that take into consideration our Distance Learning Program goal which is to have students complete their assignments with the teachers during Zoom classes and become independent learners. We do not expect parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts and as such we have developed distance learning instructional schedules that consider the traditional school schedule, developmental age, and teacher-led lessons and assignments.


Once St. Brendan School is permitted to return to in-person instruction, we want to ensure we do it in the safest way possible.  St. Brendan School follows guidance from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California Department of Education, and the Los Angeles County Health Department. We are eager to partner with our families to ensure that we can safely pursue on-campus instruction. 


We believe the benefits of in-person schooling support our students' social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic development. We also understand the situation can change daily and we will continue to monitor and make necessary adjustments for all students and our families' safety and well-being.


Students and families who do not wish to return to in-person instruction at this time will still be able to participate in remote/distance learning. 

Hybrid Learning Model and COVID-19 Heath and Safety Plan for Reopening

St. Brendan School will cohort students in homerooms and grade levels. All students will remain with their grade level classmates and practice physical distancing. By cohorting students, St. Brendan School might be able to limit the impact on in-person instruction in case of infection or exposure by only quarantining the cohort rather than the entire school. 

All students will be broken out into one of two cohorts based upon the last name. Siblings will be in the same group. Each cohort will meet on campus every other day. When a cohort is on campus, the other cohort will be accessing class content via Zoom. This will help maintain no more than 50 percent of the students on campus on any given day.


Our large campus allows for multiple play areas for various cohorts. Recess and lunch times will be staggered. Picnic tables will be disinfected between cohorts. Two cohorts will go to recess and lunch together but will be assigned specific play areas on the campus to play far away from other cohorts ensuring that the cohorts do not mix. Playspaces will rotate each week. 


To maximize physical distancing, our school will use outdoor space as classrooms as much as possible. With our large outdoor space, students will take their learning outside. 

Synchronous learning will take place each class block so that whether students are physically in the classroom or participating via distance learning that day, they are also seeing, hearing, and learning the same information at the same time each day. 

The administration is committed to ensuring sufficient PPE material is available to students and staff. Each staff member has been provided PPE equipment (masks, face shields, etc.). Each homeroom has been provided additional student masks, disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Additional PPE supplies are available in the office if needed. 

Health Screenings for Students and Staff


Surveillance testing will be implemented to ensure the safety of students and staff. All staff will complete a daily health and temperature check using the Fever App. The school will facilitate staff testing periodically, as testing capacity and practicality permit.  All staff will be tested 48 hours prior to returning to campus. The staff and students will be given a list of local test sites.  Monthly testing will be required of staff and students. The administration will follow up with staff and students to document testing results.   


Parents will do a daily health check of their child at home.  Parents will complete the home screening using Fever App. Parents are required to keep their child at home if the child is displaying any symptoms of illness.  The child must stay home until he/she is symptom-free (without medication) for three days. Students who are not seriously ill may continue distance learning. Daily health checks will be performed at school, consisting of temperature checks and health screening.  Students will be monitored for signs of illness throughout the day. 


The carline will be the primary location for a brief health screening and temperature check for each student.  Parents are to remain in the car during drop-off and pick-up. Staff will take each child's temperature with a no-touch thermometer prior to entering the school campus.  The teacher will do a visual health screening on the child as well. If a child has a 99.5 degrees or higher temperature, he/she will not be allowed on campus.


Face Coverings


Staff : For staff, the CDPH guidelines state that "All staff must use face coverings in accordance with CDPH guidelines unless Cal/OSHA standards require respiratory protection" (p. 8). It also states that "In limited situations where a face covering cannot be used for pedagogical or developmental reasons, (i.e., communicating or assisting young children or those with special needs) a face shield can be used instead of a cloth face covering while in the classroom as long as the wearer maintains physical distance from others, to the extent practicable. Staff must return to wearing a face-covering outside of the classroom" (p. 8). Thus, all staff is required to wear face coverings. 


Students:  All students will be required to wear face masks at all times. Students must wear their face mask coming to and from school, moving to campus areas such as handwashing or using the restroom, and moving throughout their classrooms and during outdoor play. Students may remove their face mask when eating. Face masks are most essential in settings where physical distancing cannot easily be maintained.  If students forget their face masks, the school will provide them with one. 


General Guidance:

  • A face mask must be at least 2-ply cloth

  • Reusable masks should be taken home and cleaned daily 

  • Any misplaced masks will be discarded after each day

  • Parents are responsible for teaching their children how to properly wear and care for their face masks

  • We require students to have at least two (2) clean masks with them every day


Visitors: Visitors and all other adults must wear face masks on campus at all times. 


Physical / Social Distancing 


Physical Distancing Outside the Classroom:

St. Brendan School will reduce students congregating, especially in hallways, recess and lunch areas, and outside the classrooms. This includes before and after school, recess, lunch, and other transitions. Each building and classroom will have designated entrances and exits. Hallways will be marked with tape to support physical distancing and encourage "lanes" for students to walk in each direction. Students will line up six feet apart from each other using the floor markings and signage.


Recess: Recess is a time for the students to leave the classrooms to enjoy the fresh air, use the restroom, wash their hands, and socialize with their friends. In addition, students will be able to engage in physical activities. Recess times will be staggered to reduce the number of students outside at a given time and to prevent the intermingling of cohorts. Each cohort will be assigned a specific play area. 


Lunch: Students will eat lunch outdoors.  If applicable lunch times will be staggered to reduce the number of students outside at a given time and to prevent the intermingling of cohorts. Sanitization will take place in between playtimes. Choicelunch has modified food distribution to mitigate the touching of lunch items. If ordering Choicelunch, all items must be pre-selected and will be available in a lunch bag, which will be delivered to the classroom Parents are asked to send snacks and lunch with their children. To limit individuals on campus throughout the day, we require that no snacks and lunches be delivered to the office. 


Physical Distancing in the Classroom:

St. Brendan School will maximize physical distancing whenever possible. The teacher’s desk will be at least  six (6) feet from the closest student desk. Student desks will be spaced six (6) feet from one another. Teachers will use increased spacing between desks or arrange seating at tables in an alternating fashion to maximize students' spacing. Desks will be placed in a way that minimizes face-to-face contact.  Students will have desk shields to minimize the spread of germs. All of the doors and windows are open during the school day to provide proper ventilation and air circulation. 


Students in all grade levels will have their own storage bins under their desks to keep their own devices, textbooks, and supplies. All procedures will be established and posted in the appropriate areas for the classroom movement and out-of-seat activities.


Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection 


Students and staff will be trained and reminded frequently on proper hygiene, cleaning and physical distancing protocols.


Students and staff will be given frequent opportunities to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap, rubbing thoroughly after application, and using paper towels to dry hands thoroughly. 


Frequently scheduled mandatory handwashing breaks or opportunities (especially for younger students) will occur at minimum: 

  • before and after eating 

  • after using the restroom 

  • after outdoor play 

  • anytime a child coughs and sneezes


The restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at designated times throughout the day.


Hand sanitizers will be mounted at each door and available throughout campus.  Additional outdoor handwashing stations are available to limit bathroom traffic. Drinking fountains will not be open or available for use. Students are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles. Students will only be able to utilize the bottle refilling stations.


Cleaning and Disinfecting:

St. Brendan School's campus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to meet public health requirements and keep high use areas clean throughout the day. These cleaning steps are to protect students and staff and reduce the risk of the spread of infection. All cleaning supplies will comply with the approved disinfectants. 


Campus Maintenance Procedures:

  • Workspace ​(i.e., classrooms, office)  - At the end of each use and daily 

  • Appliances ​(i.e., refrigerators, microwaves) - Daily 

  • Electronic Equipment ​(i.e., copy machines, shared computers/devices, printers, telephones) - At the end of each use and day 

  • General Used Objects ​(i.e., handles, light switches) - At least four times a day

  •  Student and Teacher Restrooms - At least four times a days

  • Faucets/Soap Dispensers/Towel Dispensers - Twice a day

  • Common Areas ​(i.e., Lunch Tables, Conference Rooms) - At the end of each use and day 


All classrooms will be cleaned as classes go out to their staggered recess and lunch times as well as at the end of the school day. As a class goes outside, the custodial staff will go into the classrooms to wipe down each desk, all tables, doorknobs, sinks, and other high touch surfaces. 


Limit Sharing 


St. Brendan School will do the following to limit sharing: 

  • Keep each child's belongings separated and in individually labeled storage containers

  • Ensure belongings are taken home each day to be cleaned

  • Ensure adequate supplies to minimize the sharing of high-touch materials (art supplies, equipment, etc.) to the extent practicable or limit the use of supplies and equipment to one group of children at a time and clean and disinfect between uses

  • Avoid sharing electronic devices, clothing, toys, books, and other games or learning aids as much as practicable.

  • Whenever possible, St. Brendan School will try to be "paperless" and submit assignments and work digitally to reduce contact exposure

  • Students will not share food


COVID-19 Compliance Team 


The COVID-19 Compliance Team consists of the principal, school secretary, and staff members. The COVID-19 Compliance Team is responsible for establishing and enforcing all COVID-19 safety protocols, ensuring the staff and students receive education about COVID-19, and serve as a liaison to the Department of Public Health in the event of an outbreak on campus. 


COVID-19 Protocols 


The following procedure is to be used if a student or employee is identified as COVID-19 positive or suspected positive, based on symptoms or close contact with a medical diagnosis of COVID-19. 


The school will monitor faculty, staff, and students throughout the day for signs of illness. Students, faculty, and staff with a fever of 99.5 degrees or higher, who show coughing, fatigue or shortness of breath, or display other COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home. Students will be isolated from the classroom and stay in the office health room (library) until their parents pick them up. The student who is sick will not be allowed back in the classroom. Parents must pick up students as soon as possible, but no longer than 30 minutes after being notified. The school will provide resources for the family to take a COVID-19 test and consult with their physician. 


As recommended by the CDC: The area that was visited by the ill person will be closed off. We will open outside doors and windows and use ventilating fans to increase air circulation in the area. We will wait 24 hours or as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection. 


Procedures for COVID-19 Symptoms/Exposure/Positive Cases:

It is expected that if a student or staff member has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, the administration must be informed immediately. The principal and school secretary will report to the Los Angeles County Department and support them in contact tracing, including identifying students and staff exposed. Following the Los Angeles County of Public Health recommended protocol, the principal will communicate with exposed school community members using SchoolSpeak, the school's student information system. 


Students, staff, and volunteers/visitors who test negative can return to school three days after symptoms resolve and with a documented negative test.


If a student or staff member has been exposed to someone outside of school who has tested positive for COVID-19, the student or staff member must quarantine at home for two weeks, shifting to distance learning during that time. 


If someone in the school (staff or student) tests positive for COVID-19, their entire cohort and any siblings must quarantine at home for two weeks, shifting to a distance learning plan. All guidelines for informing the Department of Catholic Schools and health department officials will be followed.  Parents will receive a formal letter informing them that someone in their child's cohort has tested positive for COVID-19; however, due to HIPAA regulations, families will not be informed of that person's identity. 


Students and/or staff members who test positive for COVID-19 will not be able to return to school until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation, including at least 24 hours with no fever, symptoms have improved, and at least ten days since symptoms first appeared and provide documentation of a negative test.


In the instance that our school experiences three or more positive cases of COVID-19 in a 14-day period, we will contact the Department of Public Health via email at and call (888) 397-3993 or (213) 240-7821. We will, in consultation with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, follow their guidelines concerning a partial or full campus closure.


Staff Training and Family Education 


The staff has been receiving training and education through staff meetings and updates on the CDPH guidelines. Staff will receive training again about our plans before reopening and revisit plans frequently during our weekly staff meetings. 


Signs are displayed around campus, especially in highly visible areas. The signs promote everyday protective measures like physical distancing, handwashing, and mask-wearing. The school will produce a short training video for parents and students demonstrating the new school COVID related procedures. The school has also shared with staff and families the resources from the Los Angeles County Public Health and the CDC about what COVID-19 is and how it is transmitted and ongoing reminders on topics such as wearing facial masks and hand hygiene, etc. in weekly principal newsletters. 


Communications Plans


The COVID-19 Compliance Team and Principal will communicate using the template letter from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. We will communicate with the cohort and/or school community depending on the scenario if there has been a positive case among staff, students, or one of their household members. 

  • Health Screenings and Daily Temperature Checks

  • Mandatory Face Coverings

  • Physical/Social Distancing

  • Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Limit Sharing

  • COVID-19 Protocols

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